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When only the best will do choose Waveband for your 2 way radio accessory needs

WaveBand Communications is committed to improving your critical radio communications. We only offer products that are equal to or better than OEM quality and reliability. From batteries that last up to 48 hours between charges to wireless audio accessories, WaveBand provides products for every radio customer. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can improve your radio communication.. 

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Leather Case with Swivel for Motorola APX 6000 Short Battery

Heavy Duty Leather Case For Motorola APX 6000 Series Radios (short battery).
$69.99 $57.50

WV-2098B Heavy Duty Leather case for Motorola APX800XE Full Keypad and d-rings for use with leather shoulder straps.

WV-2098B Heavy Duty Leather case for Motorola APX800XE Full Keypad and d-rings for use with leather shoulder straps. Waveband heavy duty cases are constructed using genuine top grain USA cowhide of the highest quality and are designed to take a beating in the toughest environments. Thousands of units fielded and in use by firefighters nationwide.
$64.50 $53.89

Heavy-Duty 2 Wire Surveillance kit for Harris M/A-COM XG-100 Series Radio WB# WV1-15023-E5

The WV1-15023-E5 is a compatible Harris XG-100 Two-Wire Heavy-Duty Surveillance Kit. This kit is designed for law enforcement, military, security, and S.W.A.T. teams. The kit is manufactured using the highest quality components Knowles surface Mems microphones, Kevlar strong cables, and medical grade coiled acoustical tube. This two way portable radio ear microphone earpiece is ideal for covert communications.
$89.99 $85.99

Motorola ZMN6032A Compatible 2 Wire Surveillance Kit for Motorola XTS 5000 & Motorola APX 6000, APX 7000. WB# WV1-15023X-S

Motorola ZMN6032A compatible 2-wire surveillance kit for Motorola XTS, and Motorola APX Series Radio. WV1-15023X-S is fully compatible with Motorola Key load adapter specifically Motorola Part#NTN8613C, Motorola Part#NNTN7869A. Comparable to Motorola ZMN6038ASP01,Motorola ZMN6032A. This is a great option for operations that require discreet communications. Thousands sold to law enforcement professionals worldwide.
$69.99 $59.80

RLN4941A Motorola Receive-Only Earpiece with Translucent Tube. WB# WV1-10282

Receive Only Earpiece with 3.5mm right angle plug, high grade 10" coiled cord, low profile quick disconnect medical grade translucent coiled acoustical tube and two silicon ear buds.For use with earphone jacks on all shoulder/lapel mounted speaker microphones. WaveBand Part#WV1-10282 Motorola Equivalent: RLN4941A
$19.99 $18.70

Two wire surveillance kit for Harris P7300, P5500, P5400, P5300 and XG-75 Portables. WB# WV1-15022-E4

Two wire surveillance kit with Kevlar reinforced cable, premium Knowles microphone, Quick Disconnect clear acoustic and conical pins for P5500, P5400,P5300, and XG-75 Portables.
$99.00 $68.00
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