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Optimize your two-way radio assets with dependable accessories from Waveband Communications. Choose from a broad line of radio accessories for leading brands like EF Johnson, Harris, Icom, Kenwood and Vertex.

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2-Wire Surveillance Kit for Vertex VX-450 & Everge 530 Series.

Professional Grade 2-wire surveillance kit for Vertex VX-450 & Everge 530 Series. This mic comes with 1 Year Warranty.. In use by hundreds of Federal law enforcement professionals, casinos, security, and railroad personnel nationwide. This product is well proven in the field by heavy duty users.
$79.99 $64.50

4100 Mah High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery for Kenwood NX-210, NX-410, NX-411, TK2180, TK3180, TK5210 Portable Radios

Maximize the performance of your Kenwood Portable Radio with the WV-XKNB43LIP battery. Lithium polymer batteries offer extended run times typically 24-30 hours, are one third of the weight of Ni-Cd, and Ni-Mh chemistry batteries, and have no memory effect. Replaces OEM Part Number:KNB43L Waveband WV-XKNB43LIP is 4100 Mah and is the highest capacity Lithium polymer battery available. The WV-XKNB43LIP was designed and engineered to be used with Kenwood OEM Chargers.
$99.00 $77.45

4400 Mah Lithium Polymer battery for Kenwood EF Johnson VP400, VP600, VP900

4400 Mah Lithium Polymer battery for Kenwood EF Johnson VP400, VP600, VP900.
$109.00 $89.99

6 Station Rapid Rate Charger for Relm KNG Radios

Battery Charger, 6 Station Rapid Rate Tri-Chemistry for Relm KNG Handheld Radios.
$499.00 $389.00

700/800 Mhz Antenna for Kenwood Portable Radios

$39.99 $24.50

Belt Clip for Motorola XPR 6550, XPR 6300, XPR 6350, XPR 6380, & XPR 3300, XPR 3500 Radios

2 Inch belt clip for use with the Motorola XPR 6550, XPR 6300, XPR 6350, XPR 6380, & XPR 3300, XPR 3500 Radios. Also compatible with: Motorola APX3000,Motorola,APX4000,Motorola DGP4150Motorola DGP4150+,Motorola DGP6150Motorola DGP6150+Motorola DP3400Motorola DP3401Motorola,DP3600Motorola DP3601
$9.99 $7.00

Heavy Duty Throat Microphone. Dual microphone elements pick up sound directly from users throat, so very little ambient noise is heard.

Tactical, heavy-duty throat microphone with acoustic earphone Blocks background noise by picking up the sound of the user's voice directly from vocal chord vibration. Uses the Waveband large TACTICAL TOUCH Push-To-Talk (PTT) New single piece microphone for comfort with performance Heavy-duty construction, featuring polyurethane cable, rubber, and high-impact polycarbonate. Clear acoustic tube style surveillance earphone made of heavy grade surgical tubing. Large PTT button for tactical set-up.
$299.00 $179.00

High Capacity Replacement Battery for Harris XL-185P, XL-200P. This Battery replaces OEM XL-PA3V, 14035-4010-04

3100 mAh / 22.3 Wh Lithium Ion Battery for Harris XL-185, XL-200 Portable Radios. Battery replaces Harris XL-PA3V, 14035-4010-04. This battery constructed uses Panasonic NCR18650GA cells, and includes a 1 year warranty. Compare to OEM and save!
$109.99 $94.49