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Motorola APX 4000 Receive-Only Earpiece, Earbud

A Motorola APX 4000 Receive-Only Earpiece or Earbud from Waveband Communications is an excellent accessory for enabling private messages. These are fully-compatible Motorola APX 4000 Receive-Only earpieces and earbuds.

Select a compatible Motorola APX 4000 Receive-Only Earpiece below:

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WV-M11-PLO-AT1 Receive Only Earpiece

Professional grade 1 wire kit is the ideal solution for monitoring radio communications in a discreet way. The low profile cable plugs directly in to the radios accessory port and allows the user to operate the radio normally for transmission while all radio reception is heard through the coiled acoustical tube.
$79.99 $64.50

5080386B90 Motorola Ear Insert Tips - 25 Pack - WB# WC101206

Regular Clear Ear Insert Tips - 25 Pack.
$24.50 $22.00

BDN6728A 25" Coiled Cord with 3.5mm Threaded Straight Connector WB# WV1-10282-Threaded

25" Coiled Cord with 3.5mm Threaded Straight Connector. Listen Only Earpieces provide quality and comfort during private communications. Constructed using heavy duty grade industrial jacketed cables that provide excellent strain relief. This ear piece includes a 1 year limited warranty
$49.00 $21.50

Clear Ear Tips - 100 pack - WC101207

WC101207 Package of 100 Regular Clear Ear Tips
$81.50 $78.00

Motorola PMLN4620a Compatible Over the Ear Listen Only Earpiece

Fully equivalent to Motorola PMLN4620A over the ear listen only earpiece. D-Shape with 3.5mm right angle plug. WD-Shape
$24.99 $14.50

Motorola RLN4760A Compatible Flexible Open Ear Insert, Small Right.

Flexible open ear insert, right small. Compatible to Motorola RLN4760A, C806573-RS
$7.00 $6.00

Motorola RLN4761A Compatible Flexible Open Ear Insert, Medium Right

Flexible Open Ear Insert, Right Medium. Compatible to Motorola RLN4761A, C806573-RM
$7.00 $6.00

Motorola RLN4762A Compatible Flexible Open Ear Insert, Large Right

Right large open ear insert or semi custom ear mold. Compatible to Motorola RLN4762A
$7.50 $6.00