Harris Ma/Com XL-200P Surveillance kit

A low price, high performance Harris XL-200P surveillance kit from Waveband Communications is an industry favorite. Learn why so many organizations trust us for their XL-200P surveillance kits.

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Heavy-Duty 2 Wire Surveillance kit for Harris M/A-COM XG-100 Series Radio WB# WV1-15023-E5

The WV1-15023-E5 is a compatible Harris XG-100 Two-Wire Heavy-Duty Surveillance Kit. This kit is designed for law enforcement, military, security, and S.W.A.T. teams. The kit is manufactured using the highest quality components Knowles surface Mems microphones, Kevlar strong cables, and medical grade coiled acoustical tube. This two way portable radio ear microphone earpiece is ideal for covert communications.
$89.99 $85.99