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Two-Way Radio Battery Chargers, Conditioners & Analyzers

Waveband is your total source for two-way radio battery chargers, conditioning chargers and analyzers. Waveband 6-bank and single bank desktop chargers are available for all battery chemistries and will charge batteries within 2-4 hours depending on battery capacity.

Our 2-way radio battery conditioning chargers use specialized micro-processors and algorithms to read the chemistry of the individual Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh or Li-Ion battery and respond with precise, maximum-capacity, conditioning charge every time. This eliminates the need for expensive battery maintenance programs. Deep conditioning is performed to keep your NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries in peak condition.

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6 Station Rapid Rate Charger for Relm KNG Radios

Battery Charger, 6 Station Rapid Rate Tri-Chemistry for Relm KNG Handheld Radios.
$499.00 $389.00

AAHTN3000 Motorola OEM Single-unit Rapid-rate Charger. WB# AAHTN3000

Motorola OEM Charger part#AAHTN3000. Tri-chemistry charger that includes rapid, trickly and maintenance modes. This feature allows the battery to remain full chargered while remaining in the charge extending battery life.
$139.00 $129.00

Harris Unity XG-100P DC In-Vehicle Rapid NiMH Battery Charger

In-Vehicle Single Station Rapid Charger for Harris Unity XG-100P Two-Way Radio NiMH Batteries. Includes metal mounting bracket, vehicle power adapter, and tie-down straps. Features: *Microprocessor Controlled to prevent over-charging. *Charge Status LED that shows battery charging in progess, 80% charged, and fully charged. *Highly Durable Construction *Interchangeable adapter pods allow charging of a variety of battery models
$99.00 $74.50

In vehicle car charger for Kenwood NX-410, NX-411, NX-5200, NX-5300, NX-5400 Portable Radios

Tri-chemistry charger for Kenwood NX-410, NX-411, NX-5300, NX-5400 Portable radios. Includes vehicle power adapter, tie-down strap, and mounting bracket. Replaceable pod allows future use with different radios / batteries. Charges battery with or without radio. Status LED confirms charging in progress, charging 80% complete, and fully charged.
$99.00 $79.94


Includes vehicle power adapter, tie-down strap, and mounting bracket. Replaceable pod allows future use with different radios / batteries. Designed for charging Waveband Communications, and OEM Li-Ion / LiPo batteries.
$79.80 $69.80

Jaguar 700P / P7100 / P7130 P7150 / P7170 / P5100 / P5130 / P5150 Car Charger For M/A COM Harris

Rapidly charges batteries in 2.5 to 5 hours. Made of highly rugged aerospace grade aluminium housing.
$210.00 $189.00

KSC-15 Regular rate single unit desk charger for KNB 14/15 WB# KSC-15

Waveband rapid tri-chemsitry desktop battery charger for Kenwood NX200/TK2180. This single pocket charger includes AC power adapter, operating manual, and adapter cups for newer Kenwood Portable Radios. Charger comes with a 1 year warranty.
$59.99 $49.80

KSC-24 Rapid Rate Charger WB# KSC-24

KSC-24 Rapid Rate Charger WB#WV- KSC-24. This Waveband Charger comes with a smart chip that prevents overcharging, includes indictar lights for charging status. This rapid charger also includes a AC Power Adapter, and owners manual.
$69.99 $53.89